Ryan Young Leading the 'New Wave' of Traditional Scottish Fiddlers

Ryan Young is a traditional fiddle player from Scotland - one of a 'new wave' of young players bringing fresh and inventive ideas to traditional Scottish music. Ryan Young's traditional Scottish fiddle playing will take you on an emotional journey and lift your spirits. Ryan plays mostly traditional Scottish tunes which he brings to life with his 'spellbinding' interpretations on his fiddle.

Ryan graduated with a Master of Music degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and he is already drawing international attention. Boston-based music producer Jesse Lewis has produced and recorded (in Scotland) Ryan's debut album of traditional tunes. Some details of the recording are here. The album is currently being mixed in America and will be available in the first part of 2017. This collaboration places Ryan among a list of world-class musicians who have worked with Jesse, including The Silk Road Ensemble, Yo-Yo Ma, Bela Fleck, Jan Vogler and Brooklyn Rider. This is probably the first UK Traditional album to be recorded in high resolution DSD audio.
Extracts of the recording will be appearing on Soundcloud over the next few weeks as work on the album is completed. Here is a first taster of Ryan's 'emotional' playing from his upcoming debut album.

Ryan Young at Celtic Connections 2016

Ryan performing (with bad sinusitis!) in the Final of BBC Radio Scotland Young Trad Award

Ryan Young at Celtic Connections 2017

Ryan accompanied by Jenn Butterworth opening for Martin Hayes

Ryan young Living TraditionWinner of MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2016 'Up and Coming Artist of the Year'

More about Ryan in issue 116 of the Living Tradition magazine (Dec 2016/Jan 2017)

‘Ryan’s playing brings an intense and unique approach to the burgeoning Scottish music scene’ – Ross Ainslie (Treacherous Orchestra)

'Ryan is a very talented award-winning young fiddler with his own distinctive style, who has already established a remarkable reputation in the traditional music community' - Willie Clancy Week, Ireland

‘He is an immensely talented player with his own quite distinct style’ – Alistair McCulloch

‘His passion for music is manifest in his playing’ – Pete Clark

‘Ryan Young’s fiddle playing is brimming with fresh melodic ideas, an uplifting rhythmic drive and a great depth of dynamics and precision. His sound is very distinctive and he always manages to take the listener on an adventurous and emotional musical journey in any performance’ – Hamish Napier

‘His passion and technical skills as a fiddle player are evident in everything he plays…His understanding of the fiddle is excellent, giving his music a voice of its own’ – Marie Fielding

‘Wow Ryan! What a performance. There was so much emotion in your playing…’ – Gillian Frame

‘Ryan's fiddling is so soulful, beautiful and intoxicating!'…’ – Jesse Lewis