Where are Ryan's Sheep?

Ryan Young has made such an impression on one fan that every year Ryan receives a photo of some sheep that have been painted with his name.

Despite a request via social media Ryan has never met the owner of the sheep. As Ryan said ‘It’s a tad bizarre, but lovely that some one wants to support me in this way. I would love to know where the sheep are.’

In the first email he just said that he was a sheep farmer, called Jim, from Hawick and that he and his two sons did it; but I still don't know anything about him. I just get a new photo every year.

Jim said that "he had heard Ryan playing on BBC radio and as a result went out and bought the album straight away."

"We had it playing in the shearing shed and my two young lads decided to entertain themselves by using the marking stencils and sheep marker paint we have to entertain themselves and 'advertise' Ryan's CD."

So if you know where Jim or the sheep live or even see them on your travels please let Ryan know because he'd love to find out who is behind this.

Ryan Young Studio Recording
One of the mystery sheep