Booking Ryan Young

Ryan is available for traditional concerts, events and festivals, subject to his schedule. He is usually accompanied by a guitarist (who will of course need to check his/her schedule as well!). As he is now becoming more widely known and has played with the likes of Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill and has headlined on BBC 'World on 3' you are best contacting him at an early stage. Dates are likely to begin filling up fairly quickly, so don't leave it too late!.

Please contact Ryan by one of the methods at the bottom of the page.

Ryan is also partial to the intimacy of 'house concerts'. So if you've ever fancied putting on your own event; read on!

“So what is a House Concert?” A House Concert is a concert in a house (obvious really).

Any house will do, provided it has a room or outdoor space if the weather is reliable(ahem) which will fit 25 or more people seated, plus the performers. Whilst this might seem like a lot of people to squish into a typical living room, if you can take out some of the bigger furniture and put rows of dining chairs in instead (and we appreciate that most people don’t own 25 dining chairs, but you might be able to borrow some from the neighbours) it’s actually not that difficult.

“So who can come?” A House Concert is attended by people you invite, your family, friends and neighbours, not members of the public, so you needn’t worry about ending up with a house full of strangers.

“Do I need to provide refreshments?” You don’t have to provide refreshments, though most people do in some form or other. Lots of hosts ask their audiences to bring and share. Really it’s entirely up to you – just make sure people know what the arrangements are before they come. We’d quite like a cup of tea and if possible a bed for the night would be handy if you are a long way from Glasgow.

“How does the money work?” Importantly, the audience don’t buy tickets for House Concerts. The hosts will specify a suggested donation, usually around £10 a head, which goes straight to the performers (and reducing our student loans). The hosts don’t make anything from hosting the concerts; other than of course fabulous music in their front living room. A house concert also makes a superb present for a friend.

“What makes a House Concert special?” In general terms, a House Concert is obviously smaller and more intimate than a public concert, with the performers playing right under the noses of the audience, usually acoustically and chatting one to one, a much closer exchange between the performers and the audience. If there is a favourite tune that you like - we'll see if we can play it for you.

“So how do I go about hosting one?” If you think you have a suitable space and 25 or more people who will attend, then the next step is to email Ryan through this website to talk about dates and logistics! One of the lovely things about House Concerts is that they don’t necessarily need to be organised months and months ahead of time, and can be fitted in around existing public bookings. So don’t be shy – get in touch and let’s see if we can make something happen!